Delete mongodb account

How do I delete a MongoDB account?

MongoDB: db.

dropUser() method is used to removes the user form the current database. The name of the user to remove from the database. The level of write concern for the removal operation. The writeConcern document takes the same fields as the getLastError command.

How do I delete my MongoDB Atlas account?

If you log in to Atlas through an identity provider, you can’t delete your account yourself. Contact your identity provider to delete your Atlas account.

To delete your Atlas account, you must ensure that you have no:
  1. Outstanding invoices.
  2. Active database deployments.
  3. Projects.
  4. Organizations.

How delete all MongoDB?

Here is the command to delete all the records of a collection in the MongoDB shell or MongoDB Compass shell (_MongoSH). show dbs -> to list all the database use test-database -> to select the database db. getCollection(‘orders’). deleteMany({}) -> to select the collection and deletes all the data.

How do I drop a collection in MongoDB shell?

drop() method and drop command create an invalidate Event for any Change Streams opened on dropped collection. Starting in MongoDB 4.4, the db. collection. drop() method and drop command abort any in-progress index builds on the target collection before dropping the collection.

How do I see all users in MongoDB?

In order to list all users in the Mongo shell, use the getUsers() method or show command.
  1. Case 1 − Using getUsers() The syntax is as follows − db.getUsers();
  2. Case 2 − Using show command. The syntax is as follows − …
  3. Case 1 − The first query is as follows − > db. …
  4. Case 2 − The second query is as follows − > show users;

How do I completely remove MongoDB from Ubuntu?

Uninstall MongoDB in Ubuntu via command line in 3 easy steps
  1. Step 1: Stop the service. sudo service mongod stop.
  2. Step 2: Remove packages. sudo apt-get purge mongodb-org*
  3. Step 3: Remove data directories. sudo rm -r /var/log/mongodb sudo rm -r /var/lib/mongodb. -r means recursive.

How do I run Mongodump?

Run mongodump from the system command line, not the mongo shell.
  1. Connect to a MongoDB Instance. To connect to a local MongoDB instance running on port 27017 and use the default settings to export the content, run mongodump without any command-line options: …
  2. Connect to a Replica Set. …
  3. Connect to a Sharded Cluster.

Which is the command to check the size of the Oplog?

To view the current size of the oplog, switch to the local database and run db. collection. stats() against the collection. stats() displays the oplog size as maxSize .

How do I create an admin in MongoDB?

MongoDB Create Administrator User
  1. The first step is to specify the “username” and “password” which needs to be created.
  2. The second step is to assign a role for the user. …
  3. The db parameter specifies the admin database which is a special Meta database within MongoDB which holds the information for this user.

How do I list a database in MongoDB?

Listing all the databases in mongoDB console is using the command show dbs . For more information on this, refer the Mongo Shell Command Helpers that can be used in the mongo shell.

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