Create onenote account

How do I create a OneNote account?

Add a new account
  1. Click the Settings and More button. …
  2. In the Settings pane, click or tap Accounts.
  3. In the Accounts window, click or tap + Add account.
  4. Select the type of account you want to add to OneNote. …
  5. Enter your username and password for the account you selected, and then follow the prompts to sign in.

Is OneNote account free?

The free edition of OneNote stores your notes on OneDrive for easy access across all your devices and works whether you’re online or offline. With your free Microsoft account, you’ll get 15 GB of OneDrive space for free and no limits on the number of notes you can create or sync.

Do you need a Microsoft account to use OneNote?

OneNote works on just about any device you own. … OneNote uses OneDrive to sync all your notebooks on all of your devices, and you need a Microsoft account login to use OneDrive. But fortunately, you only need a free basic account.

What is a OneNote account?

Your digital notebook. One cross-functional notebook for all your notetaking needs. Sign in.

Is OneNote being discontinued?

The OneNote for Windows 10 app is going to reach its end-of-life phase in about four years, along with Windows 10 itself. They are both scheduled to fall out of support on Oct. 14, 2025.

Can I have two OneNote accounts?

OneNote allows you to use multiple accounts to access all your notes from one place, and here’s how to complete the task. On Windows 10, if you manage multiple accounts, such as for personal use, school, or work, you can add them to OneNote to access all your notebooks and notes from one place.

Does OneNote cost money?

OneNote, on the other hand, is free. It isn’t even available as a premium version. All you have to decide is how much OneDrive storage you’ll need if any. Microsoft’s basic plan, which offers 50GB of OneDrive storage, costs just $1.99 per month or $23.88 annually.

Does Google have something like OneNote?

OneNote is a note-taking service from Microsoft, while Google Keep, also called Keep Notes, is the Google version of OneNote. The purpose is the same, but many features make them different.

Can I use OneNote online?

With OneNote for the web, you can use your Web browser on your PC, Mac, or mobile device to create, open, view, edit, format, and share the OneNote notebooks that you store on OneDrive. … Visit All support content for all OneNote for the web.

How do I get OneNote templates?

Access the OneNote Templates

Open OneNote and head to the Insert tab. Toward the right of the ribbon, you’ll see the Pages section with a button for Page Templates. Click the drop-down arrow below the button and pick one right away. Or, click the button to open the Templates sidebar and browse the options.

How do I sync OneNote to another account?

Please follow the steps below:
  1. Open the notebook you want to move in OneNote 2016.
  2. Click File > Export > Notebook > OneNote Package and Export this notebook.
  3. Sign out your account A, and sign in OneNote 2016 with your account B, go File > Share. …
  4. Click OneDrive and browse a location where you want to save this notebook.

Why can I not create a new notebook in OneNote?

OneNote cannot create a new notebook at: Possible reasons include: – The specified location is not available. – You do not have permissions to modify the specified location.

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