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How can I create an eCitizen account in Kenya?

Open your browser e.g Mozilla firefox or google chrome and key in Follow the registration process to register. Skip or Upload your photo to complete the registration process. Your e-Citizen account has been created you can apply for the Police Clearance Certificate.

How do I activate my eCitizen account?

Provide details of your National ID number, first name, email and password. Confirm your password before proceeding. Accept the terms and conditions then click ‘Continue’. Upon verifying your email by clicking on the link, you will be redirected to eCitizen dashboard to complete your registration.

What is eCitizen account?

eCitizen | A portal that offers access to information and services provided by the Kenyan Gorvernment.

Can a foreigner have an eCitizen account in Kenya?

Welcome to eCitizen

Kenyan Citizens and Foreign Residents can now apply for Government to Citizen (G2C) services and pay via mobile money, debit Cards and eCitizen agents.

How much is a good conduct in Kenya?

The portal also provides for renewal of the eCitizen good conduct. You are required to pay Kshs. 1,050 via M-pesa to get the document. Once you’re done with the process, you need to print the payment confirmation document and take it back the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters.

How can I get Huduma number online?

Registration for a NIIMS for Huduma Namba (Number) is currently not done online because you are required to present yourself physically. Go to your sub chief office or sub county office if you cannot locate any registration center near your (2017 Voting Centre).

How do I pay eCitizen via mpesa?

Asks for account number, which is automatically generated based on the service you used. Enter the amount, which was generated as an invoice. Confirmation message from M-pesa and you are set!

How do I know Huduma number is ready?

How to check Huduma number card status online
  1. Enter your national ID number.
  2. Click check status.
  3. If you see printing status PRODUCED, then it means your huduma card is ready for collection.
  4. If you see “The Card has not been produced” then it means your card is not ready for collection.

How can I confirm my Huduma number?

The government announced that you can check your huduma number status online by visiting the huduma number portal. You can now check your huduma number card collection and delivery status online using Huduma Card Confirmation portal. Users can use their ID number, birth certificate number or Alien ID to check status.

How do I know if my Huduma card is ready online?

How To Check Huduma Card Status. Click on the huduma namba link to access the portal. Enter your national ID number and click ‘Check card status’ to receive the progress details of your huduma card as shown below.

How does Huduma number work?

Huduma Namba is a biometric mass registration system conducted by the National Integrated Identity Management system (NIIMS) and involves collecting biometric data from citizens, and residents after which the systems generate a unique number “Huduma Namba” which will enable one to access various government services.

How can I check my Huduma number via SMS?

To know whether you Huduma Number Card is ready for collection, you will receive sms asking you to go and collect your card. Example of Huduma Number Card collection sms message, “Dear Mary, your Huduma Card S/NO: 111111 has been delivered at NRB-MWK-Mathare.”

Where can I collect my Huduma card in Kiambu?

Huduma Centre offices
If your SMS indicates Huduma Kiambu, pick your card at the Huduma Centre offices opposite Thika Stadium.

What happened Huduma number?

The government will phase out current National Identification cards by December 12, 2021, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has said. They will instead be replaced by the Huduma Namba cards to be issued from December 1, 2020. One will not access government services without the new document, Mr Mucheru added.

How can I check my Kenyan ID online?

How to check ID card status online
  1. Open your browser then find the ID search portal.
  2. Browse to the ‘National ID’ section then tap on ‘Status. ‘
  3. Key in the waiting card serial number then tap ‘Enter. ‘

How do I know if my ID is registered with another number?

To check the numbers associated with your identification document, simply: Dial *106#.

This USSD menu should allow users to:
  1. Check their numbers alongside the credentials used to register it.
  2. Report unknown numbers associated with their ID.
  3. Cancel any reported numbers.

Can you apply for a Kenyan ID online?

Although we do not have a system for applying for the Id online, the government together with the agencies involved have created certain websites where one can get the forms required when wants to apply for the identity card.

Where can I get Huduma card in Nairobi?

a) Starehe Centre – DCC Starehe office compound, Opposite Kariokor Market. b) Nyayo House Centre – Nyayo House, 6th floor (Eastern Wing), along Kenyatta Avenue. c) Central Centre- ACC CBD office, Ngara, next to Ngara Police Post. d) Huduma Centre GPO – Telpost towers, Ground floor, Kenyatta Avenue.

How do I replace my national ID?

To replace a National ID you are required to submit the following:
  1. Dully filled Form 11 (download from website or get from any of our offices)
  2. Attach police letter.
  3. Attach payment receipt of 50,000/-

How long does it take to get national ID in Kenya?

approximately 4 to 6 weeks

The processing of ID’s will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date of application.

How much is replacing a national ID in Uganda?

Officially one pays Shs50,000 to replace the ID, then you have to pay for a confirmation letter of Shs1,000 in a bank where you have to incur a bank charge of Shs3,000.

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