How to change soundcloud name

How do I find my SoundCloud URL?

Every track you upload to SoundCloud is given it’s very own track URL. To find your track URL, go to your SoundCloud profile and click on the specific track.

Why can’t I edit my profile on SoundCloud?

If you are having trouble saving the changes made on your profile, it may be due to caching on site. Please try signing out, and back into your account.

How do I change settings on SoundCloud app?

You can change the privacy setting for multiple tracks at once through your Tracks page. If you’re on a mobile device, you can also edit your track’s privacy settings on the SoundCloud app by going to the track’s edit section and editing the “Make track public” section.

How do I copy my SoundCloud URL?

In SoundCloud, search for the music you want. Click Share on the music. Copy the URL.

How do I edit my SoundCloud profile?

Sign into your account on and look for your name in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on Profile from the dropdown box. Click on Edit and you will now be able to edit your profile.

How do I edit my SoundCloud profile on mobile?

Changing your profile image on iOS or Android
  1. Go to home page to go to your collection page by tapping the icon on the lower right corner of the home page.
  2. Tap “your profile”
  3. Tap the 3 dots on the upper right corner.
  4. Tap “edit profile” and then your profile image.
  5. Select the image you would like to upload and save.

How do I download tracks from SoundCloud?

Log in to your SoundCloud account on the web, and find the song you want to download. Under its waveform, under the comments, you’ll see some options – click More. From the dropdown menu that appears, click Download file. And that’s it.

What should my SoundCloud name be?

Your username should be your actual name or name of your band, without any dashes or special character. You can use both capitals and spaces in your user name, so use John Smith Band, not john-smith-band or johnsmithband.

How can I change my username in Spotify?

Here’s how to do it.
  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile device/tablet.
  2. Tap “Your Library.”
  3. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  4. Select your profile (“View Profile”).
  5. Tap “Edit Profile.”
  6. Tap your current display name.
  7. Change it to whatever you want.
  8. Tap “Save.”

Why can’t I download songs on SoundCloud?

If you don’t see a download file button, it means the user who uploaded it did not intend for it to be downloadable. Additionally, only individual tracks can be downloaded and playlists as a whole are not available. It is not possible to download a track from a mobile device.

Is SoundCloud downloader legal?

You can download songs on SoundCloud through the website, with Google extension, or any other third-party website. However, be advised that downloading an item from SoundCloud without permission will be a violation of the company’s copyright laws.

Is SoundCloud safe to use?

Soundcloud is just fine

This review is pretty ludicrous because it’s pretty safe if you avoid certain things. If you want to shield your child from this site since there is some inappropriate things here and there, you might as well ban the internet from your kid.

Is all SoundCloud music royalty free?

Soundcloud is essentially “YouTube for music.” Every individual track by every user has different terms of rights and distribution allowance, ranging from no embed whatsoever to completely free distribution. You can do an advanced search on Soundcloud that only shows Creative Commons results.

Why is SoundCloud bad?

SoundCloud has become somewhat notorious in popular culture — notoriously bad. … SoundCloud’s central feature is its complete lack of gatekeepers. Anyone can upload music, whenever they want, from wherever they want. Even Elon Musk can post his cringeworthy tracks on SoundCloud.

Are SoundCloud downloads high quality?

What is the quality of SoundCloud HQ streaming? Our Hiqh Quality streaming format is encoded in 256kbps AAC. (equivalent to an mp3 encoded in 320kbps).

Does SoundCloud age matter?

These terms clearly state that you must be “either 18 years of age or more, or if you are under 18 years of age, you are 16 years of age or more if you reside in the European Union or 13 years of age or more if you reside in the United States or anywhere else”.

Does SoundCloud own your music?

This is perhaps the most important provision in the entire SoundCloud terms: You retain ownership of everything you upload to SoundCloud. And “SoundCloud does not claim any ownership rights in Your Content.” This is exactly as it should be – well done, SoundCloud. Well done, indeed.

Why do I get no plays on SoundCloud?

If you are unable to play any tracks on SoundCloud, please follow the steps below: Try refreshing the page. … Disable any extensions or ad-blocking plugins that could be blocking SoundCloud from working properly and add to the exceptions list in the plug-in settings of your browser.

Does SoundCloud help artists?

The first way that SoundCloud helps artists is that SoundCloud helps individuals discover new music since it is a platform for up and coming artists rather than established artists (which is the case for Spotify). … Essentially, a collaboration allows for fans of a single artist to listen to the other artists as well.

Should I copyright my music before putting it on YouTube?

You don’t actually need to register your song with the Federal copyright office to own the copyright (at least in the United States). The moment you put your song into tangible form – written down or recorded – you automatically get the six exclusive rights we just looked at.

Is SoundCloud free to upload music?

Time left on your account

Each SoundCloud plan has its own upload allowance. For a Free user, you can upload a total of 180 minutes (3 hours). A Pro user can upload a total of 360 minutes (6 hours) and a Pro Unlimited user has no upload limit at all*. Learn more about our Pro plans here.

Can I sell tracks on SoundCloud?

Now, you can sell your tracks anywhere across the web, directly in your browser, using SoundCloud and SoundRain! … Once a track is enabled for purchase, a “Buy with Minno” button will appear on the waveform player and take the listener directly to SoundRain, where they can buy the song in one click.

Should I copyright my song before putting it on Spotify?

This is not legal advice, and we are not your lawyer. Copyright registration must generally be made before an infringement suit can be brought. … Timely registration may also provide a broader range of remedies in an infringement suit.

What happens if you don’t copyright your music?

If you never register a song through the U.S. Copyright Office you still have an original copyright claim to that song. … However not registering your work with a copyright office causes you to be limited in what legal action you can take against someone who infringes upon your copyright.

Should I copyright my music before sending it to a publisher?

By law, everything you write is copyrighted the instant you write it. … This registration can be used as evidence that you did indeed write it, and gives you certain additional legal rights. But more to the point, the answer is no, don’t register the copyright before sending to a publisher.

When should you copyright a song?

1. If the song isn’t finished yet. If you’ve written a song but it’s not finished or you think it may require changes later on, it’s best to wait until the song is actually complete before registering it with the Copyright Office.

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