How to delete a video on twitch

How do you delete videos on twitch app?

How do you delete videos on Twitch 2020?

To remove a video, click the button to the left of the video and then the button at the top left.

How do you delete twitch streams?

Click on the three-dot button on the right side to choose the broadcast video that you want to remove. You can choose from edit, highlight, watch or export. ‘Delete’ is the one you are interested in.

How do I delete a streaming video?

You can remove the recording from Stream if you click on the meatball menu and open Microsoft Stream.

How do I delete all my Twitch videos?

You can click on your profile image to go to the creator dashboard.

Can Twitch mods delete clips?

Is twitch mod able to remove clips? It will show the clips section if you replace daopa with the channel name that you are an editor for. You can select the clips you want to remove by marking them and pressing the deletion button.

How do you delete video from iPhone?

Go to the settings app and tap the app clips.

How do you delete Twitch streams on IPAD?

“Channel” and “Creator Dashboard” are grouped with this. You will see a list of your videos once you click on this. Next to the video you want to remove, click. A menu will change. Click to stop.

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