How to Act Like Haruhi Fujioka

Who has a crush on Haruhi Fujioka?

Momoka has a crush on Haruhi in both the anime and manga series.

What does Haruhi Fujioka want?

After her beloved mother died, Haruhi was left to run the household with her well-intentioned but unreliable father. Haruhi does most of the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. She’s spent a lot of her time studying, with the goal of becoming a lawyer like her mother.

What is Haruhi Fujioka scared of?

The twins start off with their strategy, the “Cave of Terror,” thinking Haruhi might have nyctohobia, a fear of the dark. Mori points a sharp object at Haruhi, thinking she might have aichmophobia, a fear of sharp objects. Honey tries claustrophobia, a fear of enclosed spaces.

Why does Haruhi Fujioka pretend to be a boy?

Haruhi identifies herself as a biological female, but agrees to portray herself as a boy in order to repay her debt to the club. She carries on, keeping her sex secret from the club’s clientele, by wearing a male uniform and using masculine pronouns.

Is Hikaru in love with Haruhi?

Hikaru’s love for Haruhi is never actualized; she is unattainable as is his complete individuation from Kaoru during the series.

Who does Mori senpai end up with?

He and Mori also fetch Tamaki for the reunion plan with his mother. In Volume 18 of the manga, he is seen dating and marrying Reiko Kanazuki and is the first of the Host Club members to marry. Their marriage is confirmed in the August 2011 omake, set two years after Chapter 83.

Is Haruhi a God?

She is incredibly eccentric and usually anti-social, with no interest in “ordinary” humans. Haruhi also, unknown to her, has the god-like abilities to change, destroy, and reshape reality.

Haruhi Suzumiya.
Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒ)
Occupation High School Student (grades 10-11) Ultra Director Ultra Detective Brigade Chief and Founder

Is Ouran a bl?

When asked about the Boy Love suggested in the series, she stated that Ouran has always been meant to be a parody of shōjo manga, but doesn’t feel there is a thematic gap between shōjo and BL themes.

Does Hikaru confess to Haruhi?

After Kaoru leaves, Hikaru confesses to Haruhi and asks her to be his girlfriend.

Who is Haruhi in love with?

But in Chapter 81, Haruhi confesses her love to Tamaki. It is then revealed in an omake (extra) that they eventually get married.

What is Kyon’s real name?

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kyon/Played by

Does Yuki love Kyon?

Her love of books is also completely eliminated (in “Someday in the Rain” Kyon goes so far as to say she has never shown the least interest in books), though she inexplicably is still the president of the Literature Club and develops a crush on Kyon due to his helping her get a library card.

Who was Haruhi’s first kiss?

At the end of the dance, Kanako is chosen as the queen to be given a kiss on the cheek by Haruhi. Tamaki, realizing this will be Haruhi’s first kiss, runs to stop her and stumbles, pushing Haruhi’s face into Kanako’s with a kiss on the lips.

Do Haruhi and Hikaru end up together?

The ending of the anime left it pretty open as to who Haruhi ended up having feelings for, though it was hinted at that she favored Tamaki. Well, fans of the pairing fear not, as the manga goes more in-depth into their relationship. The two even end up getting married and having a child together.

Why did Haruhi end up with Tamaki?

One reason why Tamaki in canon does ultimately win over Haruhi is simply down to the fact that he truly is a wonderful human being. … Haruhi is drawn to people who are truly kind-hearted, and the princely Tamaki fits that description better than anyone.

Who kissed Haruhi?

Hikaru announces that Kanako has been named “Queen of the Ball” and will receive a kiss from Haruhi, as stand-in for Tamaki. Haruhi refuses until Kyoya offers to reduce her debt by 1/3, if she does so.

Does Kyoya like Haruhi?

Kyoya’s romantic interest in Haruhi is either unacknowledged or suppressed in the anime and manga, respectively, in order to allow his best friend, Tamaki, to find happiness with her. … Kyoya later explains that while he was interested in her, he did not feel as if pursuing her possessed enough merit for him.

Are honey senpai and Mori related?

Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka

It is no secret that Honey and Mori are incredibly close; most scenes in which each appears are shared with the other. The two hosts are cousins by marriage and their families have a long-standing history.

What does Tamaki call Haruhi?

4 Why He Calls Haruhi His ‘Daughter’

Throughout the series, Tamaki refers to Haruhi as his ‘daughter’, which can come off as creepy- and it’s easy to just play this off as a gag that simply aged poorly, but there’s actually more to it than that.

What episode does Kyoya pin Haruhi?

If you were in Haruhi’s possition when Kyoya pinned her to the bed in episode 8, what would you have done? – Ouran High School Host Club Answers.

What is honey senpai?

Honey is the youngest-looking member of the Host Club, yet actually the oldest one. He’s a cousin to Mori, and his family owns a prestigious martial arts dojo. In the AWA fics, Honey is a student at the AWA Academy.

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