How to Disable YouTube Music Notifications on iPhone or iPad

How do I get rid of YouTube Notification music?

If you don’t want to receive any notifications from YouTube Music at all, slide the ″Notifications″ switch to the Off/gray position as well.

How do I turn off YouTube notifications on my iPhone?

Turn off device notifications
  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications. YouTube.
  3. Turn off Allow Notifications.

How do I stop getting notifications on both my iPhone and iPad?

You can turn off notifications on an iPad in the exact same ways you can on an iPhone. Either open the Control Center and turn on Do Not Disturb mode, or go to Settings > Notifications and manage notifications for each app individually.

How do I turn off iPhone notification for music?

Settings>Do Not Disturb>Manual>On. Make sure to turn it off when you are done listening to the music. Turning the ringer off will prevent that from happening for most notifications. Calls will still interrupt music.

Why do I get random YouTube notifications?

Notifications tell you when there are new videos and updates from your subscriptions. We’ll send emails, notifications on mobile, or inbox notifications on your computer. When you subscribe to a channel, you’ll automatically get personalized notifications with highlights of activity.

What is the default notification sound on iPhone?

Maybe nothing illustrates that point better than 158 Marimba, otherwise known as Tri-Tone, the default iPhone text message sound.

Why does my music go quiet when I get a notification?

1) if you do not enable “Pause for interruptions” feature in the app Settings, the sound will be lowered, thus you may miss something. 2) if you enable “Pause for interruptions” in the app Settings, the player will pause and continue after the notifications.

How do I turn off music notifications?

Just go to Settings > Apps & Notifications, select the apps and toggle the notification button off.

Why does my iPhone get quiet when I get a notification?

Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > and move the volume slider to zero, then up to max, then to preferred volume level. Here also make sure that ‘Change with buttons’ is disabled. Then test it out and record the results.

Why does Spotify keep pausing when I get a notification?

If you have an Android and you’ve found that your Spotify randomly pauses, you may have run into a noted glitch that occurs when using “Battery Saver” or “Power Saving Mode.”

How do I turn off Bluetooth sound notifications?

Pull down the shade and slide the notification slightly to the left. this will reveal a small cog and a bell. Tap the cog and it will take you to the settings of this specific notification. Thanks again!

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