How to cancel spotify account

How do I terminate my Spotify account?

At the Contact Spotify page, click on the Account category. At the next page, click on the topic for “I want to close my Spotify account permanently.” At the next page to Permanently Close Account, click Close Account. At the “We’re sad you want to leave us” page, click on the Close Account button.

Why can’t I delete my Spotify account?

To delete your Spotify account, you’ll need to use the Spotify website in an internet browser. You can’t delete your Spotify account from the mobile app. You also can’t delete your Spotify account if you have a subscription — you’ll need to cancel it first.

How do I cancel my Spotify account without logging in?

Just go through help and then click the “need more help” button. YOu can open a chat and give them your cc info. Then they can cancel or let you know what info is on your account!

How do you cancel Spotify premium on the app?

How to cancel Spotify
  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Click ‘Your plan’
  3. Select ”Change plan’
  4. Scroll down to Spotify Free and click ‘Cancel Premium’
  5. Confirm that you wish to cancel your subscription.

Can I delete my Spotify account and make a new one?

If you close your account, you won’t be able to use your current username with Spotify again; you can, however, create a new account with the same email address. Additionally, you won’t have access to your playlists and followers anymore. You’ll also lose all the music you’ve saved to your library.

How do I stop automatic payments on Spotify?

Open the Subscriptions menu, and select Manage. When you see the full list of your subscriptions, find Spotify, and select it. Choose the Turn Off Automatic Renewal option to stop Spotify payments, and click the Done button to confirm.

How do I cancel my Spotify account on my iPhone?

Here are the steps to cancel subscriptions on an iPhone, iPad, or, God forbid, iPod Touch:
  1. Tap on Settings, then your name, and scroll down to iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen and view it. …
  3. Scroll down to Subscriptions, click on the Spotify Premium subscription and tap cancel.

Does Spotify delete unused accounts?

They don’t delete your account.

Can you have 2 Spotify accounts on the same email?

Fun fact: if you have Spotify premium, you can make multiple accounts on your device with different emails and the premium will transfer to those too.

Why is my Spotify username random?

As Spotify looks to improve the overall experience of the service, they are now automatically generating usernames, hence the random numbers and letters. You don’t need to remember this to log in. You can log in with just your password and the email address associated with your account.

How long does it take to close a Spotify account?

This has to be done manually, and we get round to everyone as quickly as possible, most often within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

Do Spotify accounts expire?

The only thing that happens is that you lose the benefits of Premium subscription. Your account, with playlists and everything else, is yours, whatever your status. If you don’t have a subscription to Unlimited or Premium (Comparison), your account defaults to Spotify Free.

How do I permanently delete my Spotify account on Android?

What happens when you delete your Spotify?

If you’re a Spotify Premium customer you’ll need to cancel your Spotify subscription before closing your account. … However, if you go on to delete Spotify completely, you’ll lose access to those playlists both on and offline. Additionally, deleting your Spotify account will mean you lose your username.

How do I remove my credit card from Spotify 2020?

To update or change your payment details:
  1. Log in to your account page.
  2. Under Your plan, click UPDATE next to your payment method.
  3. Enter a new payment method.

How do I delete my Spotify account on mobile?

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