Delete 2k sports account

What happens if you delete NBA 2k21?

When the game launches, it will re-create the reserved space if you remove it. Save game corruption is a possibility when this happens.

How do you delete data on NBA 2k20?

You can go to a number of tabs, such as MyCareer, MyFranchise, and MyGM, if you want to get rid of your save files. Go to whichever save file you want to destroy.

How do you delete my player on NBA 2k21?

Will uninstalling 2k delete my player?

You should be able to uninstall the game if you don’t remove the game save files.

Does uninstalling 2k delete your builds?

Unless you separate the savefiles, uninstalling doesn’t remove them.

How do you delete save data on 2K21?

Press the menu button on your controller if you want to modify the game. Pick “Manage game and add-ons” once you’ve done this. You can choose where you want to remove the saved data from by selecting “Saved data” and following the on-screen instructions.

Why does my 2K21 say syncing data?

The inability to sync user profile information in NBA 2K21 is caused by server issues. Once the service is restored, you’ll be able to sync your profile. If there are issues with your home network or internet connection, you may need to fix them.

How do I uninstall 2k21?

The controller has a Menu button. You can manage the game or the app. The Menu button is on your controller. Select uninstall.

How do I get my deleted MyCareer back on 2K20?

In the Dynamic Menu, go to Application Data Management, Saved Data in Online Storage, and “Download to System Storage” and press the X button.

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