How to pronounce writhe

How is writhe pronounced?

What does writhes mean?

To move or proceed with twists and turns. To twist from pain or struggle. To suffer.

How do you pronounce agony?

What is a correct pronunciation?

The way in which a word is spoken is called pronunciation. This refers to the sequence of sounds used in speaking a given word or language in a specific dialect.

What is squirming mean in English?

To twist about like a worm.

How do the British pronounce wreath?

How do you pronounce scythe and what is its meaning?

How do you speak cautiously?

How do you pronounce wrath UK?

“RAWTH” is the rTraditionalIPA’s r1 syllable.

How do you speak fodder?

What is the synonym of writhing?

In this page you can find 30 words and antonyms for the word “wriggling.”

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