Delete disqus account

How do I delete my Disqus account?

If you own a registered account, you can use the self-serve deletion feature.

What is Disqus website?

Hundreds of thousands of websites use the Disqus community platform. Your website will gain a feature-rich comment system with social network integration, advanced administration and moderation options, and other community functions with Disqus.

What is a Disqus account?

You can use Disqus for your website. Disqus is a third party system that provides commenting and other community features. Each of these websites are connected by the Disqus service.

Is Disqus safe to use?

We have found vulnerabilities in older versions of the Disqus Comment System, which is why we have rated it as Good. You should only use the latest version of the system.

How do I delete my NUiT account?

You can close your account by visiting your account settings. You won’t be able to access your personal information after you close your account.

How can I delete all my Disqus comments?

There are 3 answers. In the moderation panel, you can select all your comments and then hit the deletion button.

What sites use Disqus?

The top websites are using the domain Technology2sitepoint.comInternet and Telecom3maxcdn.comInternet and Telecom.

How do I get around Disqus ban?

Use a different email service, use a different account, and use Disqus from a different address.

Does Disqus cost money?

It’s free to use Disqus for most sites. We offer several paid packages, including Plus, Pro, and a Business tier.

Why does Disqus remove comments?

Comments are removed from public view if they are found to be objectionable. A signature in multiple comments can cause comments to be marked as spam.

Is Disqus shutting down?

On September 1st, all channels will be shut down. New Disqus sites can be registered here and installed on a variety of platforms. We are giving this notice one month before we take all channels offline because we understand that many of you have developed real bonds within channels.

Why is Disqus not working?

Comments are not loading. This can happen if a website owner changes some settings. You can only bring the issue to the notice of the site owner. If a core file has changed or there is a conflict, Disqus will not load.

Is Disqus good for SEO?

It’s easy to integrate and manage Disqus, it’s a great comment tool. If you look at their FAQ section, they claim that it is friendly for search engines.

How do I make a Disqus account?

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