How to Grease Trailer Bearings

How often should you grease trailer bearings?

every 10,000 miles
When Should You Grease Your Bearings

With a larger travel trailer, you should grease your trailer wheel bearings every 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. If you have a smaller travel trailer, however, you’ll need to grease your wheel bearings every 2,000 miles.

How do I know if my trailer bearings need grease?

Keep your hand on the wheel and spin it. If you feel any motion that is not smooth, hear any noises, or if the wheel does not spin freely, the wheel bearing is defective or needs lubrication.

Can you over grease a trailer bearing?

They keep grease packed into the hub. munchy wrote: More grease is never the right answer. Overgreasing can actually cause the rollers/balls to slide over the bearing surface rather than roll over them.

How do you grease trailer bearings by hand?

What kind of grease do you use for trailer bearings?

Greasing your wheel bearings is a crucial step in that process. The best grease for travel trailer wheel bearings is the Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease. It lasts 4X longer than regular grease, is virtually waterproof, and is stable in all temperatures. It’s the ultimate grease for high-speed bearing.

Can you put too much grease in a bearing buddy?

Can Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors Be Over-Filled with Too Much Grease It is possible to over-fill a hub that has a Bearing Buddy bearing protector such as #BB1781. The convenience of easy filling through the zerk fitting can often mean we can be tempted to keep adding more grease.

How much grease do you put in trailer bearings?

It is equally important to retain the grease around the bearing. For traditional greases (NLGI Nos. 1 and 2), pump a ring of grease into the entire circumference of the wheel hub and coat the hub cap inner wall. The housing should only be half full of grease.

How do you get old bearing grease off?

How do you get old grease off bearings?

Cleaning. Next you need to get all the old crap and grease out of your bearing races. The best bet is to use methylated spirit or just soak the bearings in some solvent or alcohol. If you can find a spray-on degreaser, you can blast all the crap out of your bearings to great effect.

How long does it take to grease trailer bearings?

Put the tire and lug nuts back into place.

Once it is secured, you can lower the car jacks and move on to the next tire. In all, this project may take you 1-3 hours, just depending on how easy it is to take apart all the pieces and how many tires you need to do.

Is Synthetic grease good for wheel bearings?

You can use it to lubricate the wheel bearings on your vehicle, U-joints on your equipment, and even some household appliances. With a synthetic base coupled with an aluminum thickener, this grease boasts superb anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties, which makes your equipment run smoothly and last longer.

Should I fill dust cap grease?

Grease caps protect your wheel bearings from the dirt, dust, sand, water, salt and road grime that can (and will) destroy bearings. … That’s why it’s important to not only pack the bearings with grease but to also completely fill the caps with grease.

How do I know if my trailer bearings are bad?

How do you grease trailer bearings with nipples?

Do bearing buddies keep water out?

Bearing buddies DO NOT keep water out, they help. All they do is spring load a supply of pressurized grease into the hub, which aids in keeping water out and pushing grease to the bearings. Bearings will still wear, water will always get in eventually.

How do you remove bearing dust from a wheel cap?

How do you grease EZ Lube trailer bearings?

How do you keep water out of boat trailer bearings?

Do bearing buddies need covers?

Expert Reply: The Bearing Buddies will act as a substitute for a dust cap on a boat trailer axle, but the bras for them that just cover up the fitting would not. If the hub that you have has a bore of 1.98 inches the correct Bearing Buddy you’d need is the part # BB1980A.

How do you waterproof trailer bearings?

Grease-Filled Protection

Grease is kept around your boat trailer bearings by a seal on one side of the hub (preferably a double-lipped seal) and pressure from froma rubber plug or grommet positioned on the outside of the hub.

How often should you change boat trailer wheel bearings?

Expert Reply: We recommended to repack the wheel bearings on your trailer every 12 months or 12,000 miles. There is not a specific guideline as far as actually replacing the bearings. When repacking them with grease, you will also just want to check for any damage or wear and replace anything if needed.

Should you use bearing buddies on a boat trailer?

Bearing Buddies are a great way to keep grease in a trailer hub. I recommend them as long as you are aware that it’s very easy to put too much grease in a hub with these which will blow out the seal. They have no problem being used on longer road trips so the would work well for you.

How do you get grease off a trailer cap?

Grease caps just pop out and in. The best way to get them out is to pry them with a flat head screw driver or tap them from side to side with a hammer. To install new ones, you simply gently hammer them in. Normally I use a short piece of 2×4, to help tap the grease cap or bearing protector into the end of the hub.

Why do trailer bearings fail?

There are five primary causes of bearing failures. They are: lack of lubrication, overloading the vehicle, installing the axle nut too tight, or installing the axle nut too loose, contamination of the grease due to missing / defective grease caps and seals.

Are bearing buddies worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars I recommend these for every trailer. I would never have a trailer w/o Bearing Buddies. I can’t recommend them enough. They keep the grease packed in the bearings while you are rolling down the road and if you have a boat trailer, when you submerge for launching.

How much does it cost to replace trailer bearings?

Some Class A RV owners have stated that it cost anything from $300 to $500 to replace the bearings. Depending on how much you use your trailer and how many miles you get on it, you can wait till about 20,000 miles before your wheel bearing has to be repacked.

How do you know when to replace trailer bearings?

Check wheels for side-to-side looseness – There should be a very slight amount of play in the wheel, typically 1/8-inch or less. If the wheels are loose or spin with a wobble, the bearings must be serviced or replaced.

What happens when a trailer bearing fails?

A damaged wheel bearing does not only cause a vehicle to be shaky and noisy; it can also cost you more money by damaging other nearby parts, and even force your entire wheel to fly off when driving at high speed.

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