How to Save a Twitter Search on a Desktop Computer

How do you save searches on twitter?

At the top of your results page, tap the overflow icon and then tap Save. A pop-up menu will show Saved searches when you tap the search box.

How do you save a draft on twitter desktop?

If you’re using a browser, select ‘Save’ on the app to save the draft.

How do you search on Twitter on PC?

Can you use Twitter on a desktop computer?

Any device connected to the Internet can be used to communicate. If your computer has a hard-wired Internet connection, you can send a message from the website. You can use the Windows 8 Modern app to send a message from your desktop, which is similar to using a mobile app.

Does twitter save search history?

It stores your location information when you use your mobile device. You can clear your search history, remove your location information, and turn off this setting. Click the magnifying glass search icon to clear your search history.

How do I permanently delete search suggestions on twitter?

The cross (‘X’) button can be found on the right side of the ‘Recent’ bar. It will allow you to clear all searches at once. To confirm the action, hit ‘clear’. That’s it!

Where are my saved searches?

Next to your search name, click the Save button. The saved search can be found in the left-hand navigation section.

Is twitter safe to use?

How secure is it? Password-protected accounts are required for all of the users of the website. If you protect your password and adjust your privacy settings, you should be able to keep your account secure. You wouldn’t want someone to take over your account and use it as if they were you.

How do I delete saved searches on Google?

On your phone, open the app, at the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial. You can choose to remove the Search history. If you want, you can choose: All your Search history, above it.

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