How to cancel star ledger subscription

How much is a subscription to The Star-Ledger?

1 Month: $22.99

Easy Pay is the convenient payment program that automatically charges your credit card or bank account.

How do I contact NJ com?

If you have a digital subscription question, please email [email protected] or call 888-782-7533. If you have a newspaper circulation question, please contact customer service by calling 1-888-782-7533 or email [email protected]

Contact Us.
Newspaper The Star-Ledger
Phone 1-888-782-7533
Email See directory

How do I cancel my Northjersey account?

How can I cancel my subscription? While we are disappointed to hear you want to cancel, our team is available to assist by calling Customer Service at (888) 282-3422 and saying, “discontinue delivery.”

Who is the editor of The Star-Ledger?

Richard Vezza, Editor & Publisher.

How much does the Sunday Star-Ledger cost?

The Star-Ledger prices are $1.50 weekdays, $2 Saturdays and $3 Sundays and Thanksgiving Day.

Is NJ Com free?

We know the timing is not ideal to ask for direct financial support, when so many people are out of work, struggling or helping friends and family members. But we no longer can continue to make all of our digital content available free of charge, as we have done since launching in 1996.

When did The Star-Ledger start?

The Star-Ledger/First issue date

Where is the Star-Ledger sold?

NEWARK — The Star-Ledger has sold its long-time home in Newark, where the state’s largest daily newspaper was headquartered for nearly 50 years, according to publisher Richard Vezza.

How much is an NJ com subscription?

How much does a subscription to cost? Just $100 a year, or 27 cents per day. If you prefer, pay $10 a month and you will be charged monthly unless and until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time by calling 888-782-7533 or by visiting

Who is the owner of NJ?

The club was founded as the Kansas City Scouts in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1974. The Scouts moved to Denver, Colorado in 1976 and became the Colorado Rockies.
New Jersey Devils
Media MSG Plus Audacy WFAN
Owner(s) New Jersey Devils LLC, a subsidiary of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (Josh Harris, chairman)

Is NJ Com safe? Bias and Reliability Overview

The website records approximately 19.3 million visits per month. Ad Fontes Media rates in the middle category of bias and as most reliable in terms of reliability.

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