How do I get a refund on Chegg Tutors?

If you would like to get a refund on your Chegg Study subscription, get in touch with their customer services department, and request a credit for the unused tutoring minutes. This can be done on the Chegg website and phone.

How do I get a tutor on Chegg?

Chegg tutor application process

Applying to be a tutor on Chegg is easy. You need to provide two forms of verification when you sign up as a tutor; this can be a student ID card, a copy of your diploma or copies of your university transcripts.

How do I call chegg customer service?

1 (855) 477-0177
Chegg/Customer service

Does chegg have a tutoring service?

Start a lesson.

With Chegg Tutors, you’ll receive help from proven tutors from top universities, and you can schedule recurring lessons if you’d like. If not, you can just ask for help when you need it and pay as you go. … And if you’re still not sure about online tutoring, your first 30 minutes are free.

Is Chegg Tutors shutting down?

In late 2020, Chegg announced that Chegg Tutors would be discontinued in 2021. The last day for lessons was announced as January 15, with the last payments to tutors to be made on January 22, and the site to cease operations on January 31.

How can I get free chegg answers?

Here’s how you can:
  1. Open the Free Chegg Answers by iStaunch form.
  2. Find the Chegg question you want to get an answer for.
  3. Enter the Chegg question link and email id.
  4. Tap on the submit to send your question.
  5. You will receive an answer within 30 min for free.

Is smarthinking online tutoring free?

“Smarthinking is free.” … Some of the many services only a click away include an online writing center where students can submit their papers and essays 24 hours in advance and have them reviewed by a tutor.

Can you try chegg for free?

You can get a 4-week free trial of Chegg study material with absolutely no cost to you. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial at Chegg and you’ll get 4 weeks of free study content and material. After that 4-week trial is up, they will charge you $14.95 a month for access to their content.

Can we earn money from Chegg?

Chegg India hires subject matter experts from India to answer students’ questions online via our Chegg Study portal, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, pick a subject and become a subject matter expert, answer anytime, anywhere, and earn sitting at home.

How do I use Smarthinking online tutoring?

Students simply click on the “Smarthinking” button, and they will be dropped into Smarthinking without having to login directly. How can students get help? Writing Center – Students may submit essays, across the curriculum, and receive a thorough critique from a ST tutor, usually within 24 hours.

How do I use Smarthinking tutoring?

Does Smarthinking work on weekends?

If you do, that’s awesome. Sometimes, we can be there when they can’t — at night, on weekends, during holiday breaks, or if you need help with a subject they don’t support.

How do you write an essay review?

Reviewing Your Essay
  1. an overarching argument.
  2. a clear structure, including an introduction and conclusion, with each paragraph having a main point.
  3. each point should be supported by research.
  4. critical thinking.
  5. correct and appropriate language.
  6. (even better) some original or creative thought.

What is smarthinking JJC?

Software and Tools Smarthinking

JJC offers students a free online tutoring service called Smarthinking. Smarthinking offers tutoring on many, although not every, course subject. The link to access Smarthinking appears on the course navigation menu in Canvas.

Which of the following is a kind of tutoring option that smarthinking provides?

Features. With Smarthinking, you can provide 24/7 live, personalized tutoring in core subjects, and expert guidance for improving students’ writing.

How do you start a review?

How to write a book review
  1. Start with a couple of sentences describing what the book is about. …
  2. Discuss what you particularly liked about the book. …
  3. Mention anything you disliked about the book. …
  4. Round up your review. …
  5. You can give the book a rating, for example a mark out of five or ten, if you like!

How long is a review essay?

Review essays should be 8-10 typed double-spaced pages. They should contain the following elements: Title Course Number Instructor’s Name Your Name The titles of the readings under review.

What is the format of a review?

Article review format – how to apply it correctly

It includes a summary of the review question, the primary study reviewed and conclusions of the study. Note that you should not cite references in the abstract. Introduction: Write the topic of the study, which serves as the identification sentence.

How long is a short literature review?

In the absence of specific instructions about the length of a literature review, a general rule of thumb is that it should be proportionate to the length of your entire paper. If your paper is 15 pages long 2-3 pages might suffice for the literature review.

How do you start a review essay?

The introduction to a review essay indicates the general line of argument that the essay writer will pursue. Use your opening paragraph to situate the book in the context in which it is written, identify the author’s main thesis and approach, and preview your own critical response.

What is proper email format?

Your email message should be formatted like a typical business letter, with spaces between paragraphs and with no typos or grammatical errors. Don’t mistake length for quality—keep your email brief and to the point. Avoid overly complicated or long sentences.

How do you layout a review?

  1. define your topic and provide an appropriate context for reviewing the literature;
  2. establish your reasons – i.e. point of view – for.
  3. reviewing the literature;
  4. explain the organisation – i.e. sequence – of the review;
  5. state the scope of the review – i.e. what is included and what isn’t included.

What is article example?

Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. Consider the following examples: After the long day, the cup of tea tasted particularly good. By using the article the, we’ve shown that it was one specific day that was long and one specific cup of tea that tasted good.

How do you send a formal email?

At a minimum, a formal email should contain all of the following elements:
  1. Subject line. Be specific, but concise. …
  2. Salutation. Address the recipient by name, if possible. …
  3. Body text. This section explains the main message of the email. …
  4. Signature. Your email closing should be formal, not informal.