Delete elvenar account

How do I delete my Innogames account?

To delete your Forge of Empires account, navigate to the official Innogames deletion page here: Enter your email address and click submit. You will then receive an email from Innogames. Click the link in the email to confirm account deletion.

How do you delete a city in Elvenar?

When the dialogue box opens, click “Data Usage Options”, then when the page opens, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the red button that says “Go To Goodbye Tool“. Once there, follow the prompts and do everything the email tells you to do.

How do I delete my guardian tales account?

You can delete your Guardian online account by signing into your account settings and selecting delete account.

How do I delete my tribal wars account?

Account deletion
  1. 1 Please submit your email address using the form below.
  2. 2 You will be mailed a link shortly. Click it to view your accounts and confirm the deletion.
  3. 3 Confirm deletion.

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