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How can I get in contact with ASOS?

Online is what we do best at ASOS as this way, we can best handle your customer care enquiries. By visiting our live chat page, you will be able to have your queries resolved quicker. We don’t have a call centre, so we’re not set up for a high volume of telephone calls.

How can I get hold of ASOS?

ASOS Contact Number: 0207 756 1000
  1. Phone ASOS UK from overseas: +44207 756 1000. …
  2. Write to ASOS. …
  3. ASOS email address. …
  4. Reach out to ASOS on social media.

How do I escalate a complaint to ASOS?

Asos (UK) complaints contacts
  1. Visit Customer Contact Form.
  2. Email Customer Services on [email protected]
  3. Call Head Office on 0844 385 1700 or 020 7756 1000.
  4. Email Nick Beighton (CEO) on [email protected]
  5. Tweet Asos Customer Services.
  6. Tweet Asos (UK)
  7. Watch Asos (UK)

Is ASOS com legit? was launched online in June of 2000 as a one-stop clothing e-commerce destination for quality fashion. Yes, ASOS online shop is a legit business. … The company believes that fashion thrives on individuality, and that fashion can empower people to look, feel, and be their best selves.

Where is ASOS head office?

How do I speak to someone at Hermes?

If you need to speak to a live customer service representative in Hermes UK customer service you need to dial 0330-808-5456. To speak with a live agent, you need to say “Receiving”, say “Yes”, then say “No”, enter or say 16 digits tracking number.

Is ASOS a Chinese company?

ASOS plc (/ˈeɪsɒs/ AY-soss) is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. … The website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, and ships to all 196 countries from fulfilment centres in the UK, USA and Europe.

Does ASOS have a store?

We’re all about online at ASOS so you won’t find us in your local mall. We’ve got hundreds of brands and thousands of products that just wouldn’t fit into a store. Instead we focus our efforts on bringing you thousands of new products each week and the latest fashion news and tips via our Women’s and Men’s homepages.

Is ASOS true to size?

Having literally everything from evening gowns and jeans, to baseball caps and pjs, means that sizing can get a little confusing, however generally ASOS Design fits true to size. Having those separate sizing ranges means that you can most often find your perfect fit with less trouble than other retailers.

Why does ASOS take so long to deliver?

A spokesperson for ASOS said: “All of that is about protecting our staff at our warehouse and trying to enforce social distancing measures reducing the number of people in our warehouse and that will put delivery times back a bit so there is very good reason for doing it while we continue to serve our customers.”

What does ASOS stand for?

As Seen On Screen
ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen, with the original tagline saying ‘Buy what you see on film and TV’. That’s because when ASOS first launched more than two decades ago, it was a celebrity-linked clothing website.

Is ASOS like Shein?

ASOS is a mega shopping clothing website like SHEIN that combines great style with an affordable price tag. They’re a British based online store that carries over 850 brands, as well as their own range of clothing and accessories.

Why did ASOS leave China?

Online fashion retailer Asos will stop running its local China operations to redirect its customers to its global platform, We are simply serving our growing customer base there in a more efficient, less costly manner.” …

How many employees does ASOS have 2020?

At ASOS our 4,000+ employees are immersed in the creative worlds, live on their mobiles and have a truly entrepreneurial attitude. As a company, we’re not trying to mimic or profit from youth culture – we are part of that culture.

Are ASOS sizes UK or US?

Truth be told: ASOS’ in-house labels tend to run slightly bigger than normal US sizing. It’s best to reference the model’s measurements on each product page before dumping a bunch of clothes in your cart. If the measurements don’t help, watching the catwalk videos can help you to see how a product moves IRL.

How quick is ASOS delivery?

Delivery is within 5* working days of your order being placed. Delivery is Monday to Friday and Sunday (excluding Public Holidays).

How long does ASOS take to come?

ASOS orders ship within five business days for urban areas and seven business days for regional areas. ASOS also offers free fast shipping in 34 days when you spend over $ 125.

What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?

Check the delivery address you gave the seller. Then contact them and ask where your order is. If the seller claims they’ve delivered it or don’t know where it is, you can ask for a redelivery. You might be able to get a refund in some circumstances.

When did ASOS enter China?

In 2013, the British online fashion and beauty store entered the Chinese market while also setting up domestic operations, ASOS did not choose to ship straight from the UK. The ASOS CEO was often quoted in the press, discussing the complex regulations of the clothing business in China.

Does ASOS use Hermes?

Returning an item to ASOS is easy with Hermes. You can drop your parcel at any of our 5,400+ ParcelShops or arrange for a courier to collect it from you. … You can also create one ‘on the go’ using the Hermes app and print it using our Print In-Store device – you’ll find them in our ‘Print In-Store’ ParcelShops.

Does ASOS do free returns?

We get it, sometimes something just doesn’t work for you and you want your money back. As long as an item is still in its original condition, we accept returns for free, subject to the rules below, which includes rules around fair use.

Does ASOS deliver to your door?

Delivery to Canada is available on our Standard and Express Delivery services.

How does ASOS earn?

As an online fashion retailer, ASOS makes money by purchasing clothes from wholesalers and then selling them for a profit. This includes the sale of private label or own-brand products. It also makes money through usage fees, commission fees, and advertising revenue.

What carrier does ASOS use?

Being a global retailer, ASOS uses a large network of shipping couriers along with fulfilment centers to deliver orders as quickly and cost effectively as possible. If you choose US Standard Shipping your order might be delivered by UPS, USPS, FedEx.

Does ASOS use Royal Mail?

Royal Mail has been awarded a new contract to deliver customer orders for ASOS, and it has also extended its capacity to handle the fashion brand’s customer returns by 25%. Royal Mail currently handles around 75% of ASOS customer returns.


ReBOUND allows you to remove pre-printed return labels and allow shoppers to return on demand. With a typical label-in-a-box, retailers have very little control over the returns process until a parcel finally arrives back at the warehouse for inspection.

Does ASOS do exchange?

We’re no longer offering free exchanges to UK customers. All returned items will be refunded once they’ve been inspected by our warehouse team. If you need a different size or colour of an item, then you’ll need to place a new order. Returns are FREE and trackable.

Where does ASOS Australia ship from?

the UK
Orders are shipped from the UK and will be delivered by Australia Post if your order is being delivered to a postal address. If your order is being delivered to a collection point, it’ll be delivered to your chosen Australia Post location.

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