How to pronounce supreme

How do you pronounce Supreme brand?

How do you speak supremacy?

How do you say Tuesday?

How do you speak Constitution?

Who came up with Supreme?

James JebbiaSupreme is a founder of the company.

Who is the maker of Supreme?

James Jebbia was born on July 22, 1963, and is an American-British businessman and fashion designer. He is the founder of the skateboard shop and clothing brand Supreme New York.

Why is Supreme brand so popular?

Supreme is more than just a brand. Supreme’s appropriation of images is a key to its popularity. Pop-cultural imagery and logos are copied and adapted in a way that makes them feel more contemporary than a big fashion brand.

How old is the company Supreme?

The brand was founded in 1994. The first Supreme store opened in Lower Manhattan in 1994.

How do you pronounce constitutional amendment?

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