How to spell cul de sac

How do u spell Culdesac?

cul de sac Add to list Share. A cul de sac is a dead-end street, particularly one with a circle for turning around at the end.

What are multiple cul-de-sacs called?

“Cul-de-sac” comes from French that literally means “bottom of the bag” or “bottom of the sack.” Some dictionaries list both “culs-de-sac” and “cul-de-sacs” as acceptable plurals, but when a dictionary lists only one, it is “culs-de-sac”—making “culs-de-sac” the safer choice.

How do you say cul de sac in English?

What is a dead-end street called?

Dead-end streets offer the good life But please, call them cul-de-sacs today. … We now simply call them cul-de-sacs — a French term meaning “bottom of a sack.” Webster’s New World Dictionary defines the term as a passage or position with only one outlet. Most cul-de-sac homeowners like it that way.

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