How to pronounce semicolon

Is semi or semi pronounced?

What does a semicolon means?

A punctuation mark can be used to separate parts of a sentence which need clearer separation than would be shown by a comma, to separate main clauses which have no conjunction between, and to separate phrases and clauses containing commas.

What is semicolon example?

Joan likes eggs and Jennifer doesn’t. The dog cowered under the bed as the cat slept through the storm. When a stronger sentence is needed, semicolons are used.

Why do Americans pronounce semi?

It’s just an accent. Some Americans say how I would say eye talian in Italian. The way I would pronounce it is based on regional accents. Most Americans would say sem eye.

How is Route pronounced?

There are two ways to say the word “route” in the US. This is true for both the word, meaning a course or path, or the word, meaning to send something by a specific path.

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