How to delete textplus account

How can I delete my textPlus account?

If you want to cancel your account, you’ll need to contact textPlus customer support to request a cancellation because you can’t delete your account yourself. Once you’ve done that, you can uninstall the textPlus app from your phone or device.

How do I permanently delete my TextFree account?

Note: You cannot close your account from TextFree Web.

On your iOS device:
  1. Pinger app ‘Settings’
  2. Tap ‘Support’
  3. Tap ‘Close Account’
  4. Tap ‘Continue to Close Account’
  5. Select a reason for wanting to close your account.
  6. Tap the red ‘Close Account’ to finalize the closing of your account.

Does textPlus delete inactive accounts?

Your account will automatically be deactivated over time per our existing reclaim policies once you log out of the app. (Your phone number will be reclaimed after a few weeks of inactivity.) You can accelerate the process by manually deleting your email address or phone number.

How do you delete messages on text free?

To delete messages and/or conversations:
  1. Tap on the conversation that you wish to delete the message from.
  2. Tap & hold the message you wish to delete.
  3. Tap ‘Delete’

How do I unsubscribe from textfree?

To cancel the subscription via phone:
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Menu Subscriptions.
  3. Tap the subscription you want to cancel.
  4. Tap Cancel subscription.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Is textPlus number permanent?

Unfortunately, after 7 days of account inactivity textPlus numbers are reclaimed back by the system. You can avoid this by logging into the app before this time, or purchasing KEEP MY NUMBER in the store. You can get a new free number at any moment.

How many times can you change your textPlus number?

You can change your textPlus texting number ONE time via the textPlus Free Calls app. Your textPlus number is used for both texting and calling. textPlus Free Calls will assign you a new number.

Can you use textPlus without WiFi?

Also, you can now text and receive calls without WiFi..which is awesome. Every year the app gets better and better and I’ve noticed that all of my calls are clear and rarely drop. … “Been using Textplus for 5 years I love this app.

Is textPlus safe to use?

However, textPlus is one of the only reliable phone-based apps for international calling (in that you can use it to call a landline in another country – you’re not calling smartphone-to-smartphone) and it doesn’t require an annual contract to sign up.

How much does textPlus cost?

To use textPlus ad-free costs $4.99 a year, but the company is now offering it for $1.99 per year as part of a promotion. Registered users of these apps get a new phone number for texting. Texts sent to this new number are automatically forwarded to your cellphone or other wireless device.

Are calls free on textPlus?

What is textPlus? It’s a free alternative to costly texting and phone bills. A free app that’s used for text messaging and phone calling. Downloadable to mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android and other smartphones and tablets.

Can textPlus number be used for WhatsApp?

Another method of creating WhatsApp account with U.S. number and tricks is to create USA number of your account. A TextPlus app is one of the best alternative methods that are related to Voxox app. This app is to create USA number of your WhatsApp account and some following procedures are given below.

Is textPlus totally free?

Yes – no fees to send unlimited SMS messages and you can earn credits to place a call (inbound calls are completely FREE). HOW IS IT FREE? The app comes with a few ads. If you don’t like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.

Can I receive calls on textPlus?

As long as you are logged into textPlus Free Calls you will be able to receive inbound calls. If calls are disabled, you will not receive incoming calls.

Does textPlus show up on phone bill?

Individual textPlus messages and calls will never be itemized on your cell phone bill. If you send messages or make calls using your data connection (as opposed to via wifi), you may see increased data charges through your wireless carrier.

Which free text app is best?

The best free calling and texting apps for Android and iOS
  • TextNow – Best free calling and texting app.
  • Google Voice – Free texts and calls without the ads.
  • Text Free – Free texts and 60 minutes of calls a month.
  • textPlus – Free texting only.
  • Dingtone – Free international calls.

Can you send pictures on textPlus?

We currently support sending and receiving MMS picture messages with all carriers in the U.S. and Canada with the exception of T-Mobile. Unfortunately, Nextplus GO does not support sending and receiving videos. …

Why is my textPlus not sending?

If you’re having trouble with texting in Nextplus, please try force closing the app and relaunching. … Any information you can provide on a specific text attempt, including the phone number you tried to reach, and the date/time of the attempt, will help us investigate and get your texting issue resolved.

How do you block someone on textPlus?

From the textPlus Messages tab, tap the conversation of the phone number or contact you want to block. Tap the Menu on the top right, then tap Block.

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