Delete coinmama account

How do I delete my Coinmama account?

Click on “My profile” on the right side of the screen to close your account.

Can I have two Coinmama account?

Is it possible that you created more than one account? If you’ve created more than one account, then you may be unable to log in with a certain email address. All but one account will be deactivated if we detect that you have multiple accounts.

Can I change my email on Coinmama?

Email address: In order to update your email address, we ask that you send us with a selfie holding your ID and a handwritten note. You would like to change the email address. Today is the date. ‘Coinmama’ is a word.

Why did my order fail on Coinmama?

You may have entered the wrong pin or password. Click here to learn more about the decline reason. Your bank does not allow this type of transaction. If you can’t resolve the problem with your credit card issuer, please try with a different card.

How long does it take to verify Coinmama?

Initial verification on coinmama takes 10 minutes. All purchases will be delivered instantly after initial verification. Level 2 and 3 verification can take up to six hours.

How do I contact Coinmama?

Privacy questions for EU customers can be found at General support inquiries can be found at [email protected]

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