How to travel from moscow to sochi

Is it safe to travel to Sochi Russia?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. As a popular summer tourist destination, Sochi is safe as much as other cities in Europe. However, if you’re planning on traveling to Sochi, keep in mind that you should always keep your guard up and remain aware of your surroundings, just in case.

How much is flight from Moscow to Sochi?

Moscow to Sochi Flight Info
Peak season for travel January US$35
Off-season for travel May US$43
Cheapest return ticket price US$23 Moscow(ZIA) ⇒ Sochi(AER)
Cheapest direct flight price US$74 Moscow(DME) ⇒ Sochi(AER)

How do I get from Moscow to Lake Baikal?

How far is Lake Baikal from Moscow? Lake Baikal is approximately 4325km away from Moscow and is a 3-4-day journey by train. Most tourists will take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok which calls at nearby Irkutsk and then take a taxi, ferry or bus over to Listvyanka.

How do I get from Moscow to St Petersburg?

Travel by train

Trains run on a regular basis, during the day and overnight, connecting the Moskovsky station in St Petersburg and the Leningrad station in Moscow. The fastest way to travel is by the Sapsan train, which is a comfortable, modern train that takes just under four hours of journey time.

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