How to contact north carolina senators

How do I contact a member of the Senate?

Alternatively, you may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

Who are the current North Carolina senators?

Richard Burr

(Republican Party)
Thom Tillis

(Republican Party)
North Carolina/Senators

What is Thom Tillis district?

Senator (R-NC) since 2015
Thom Tillis/Office

Who is the senior senator from North Carolina?

Richard Mauze Burr (born November 30, 1955) is an American businessman and politician who is the senior United States Senator from North Carolina, serving since 2005. A member of the Republican Party, Burr was previously a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Who are the two senators that serve North Carolina?

Its current senators are Republicans Thom Tillis and Richard Burr. Jesse Helms was North Carolina’s longest-serving senator (1973–2003).

Where is the 13th District?

New York’s 13th congressional district is a congressional district for the United States House of Representatives in New York City, represented by Adriano Espaillat. The district is the smallest congressional district by area in the U.S. The 13th district comprises Upper Manhattan and parts of the West Bronx.

Is North Carolina a red state?

Like most U.S. states, North Carolina is politically dominated by the Democratic and Republican political parties. North Carolina has 13 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and two seats in the U.S. Senate. North Carolina has voted Republican in nine of the last 10 presidential elections.

What district does Ted Budd represent?

Representative (R-NC 13th District) since 2017
Ted Budd/Office

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